Metanoia: Improbable Heir

Metanoia: Improbable Heir is a historical fiction novel full of adventure and romance.

1520, Krnov. A young thief races through the forest seeking refuge from a band of rogues intent on retribution. A young noblewoman makes her way home to the nearby town of Opole. An elderly hunchback faces the despair of dynastic extinction.

Meeting on the forest road, the young man and woman form a surprising friendship that is further forged through a hair-raising attack. Although they are parted after their shared adventure, they are reunited through a surprising turn of events involving a burglary, a conspiracy, and an audacious claim to the long-forgotten Bohemian crown.

Set in 16th century Eastern Europe, Metanoia: Improbable Heir follows the adventures of Katrina, Mattias, and Valentin as they navigate the dangerous waters of political intrigue between the great dynasties of the Polish and Czech people. Will Katrina rediscover her hopes for change? Will Valentin’s dreams for the security of his people come true? Will Mattias learn the dangerous lessons of politicking? Discover the destiny of the Přemyslid dynasty in this gripping, action-packed story of political intrigue, budding romance, and peril.

Noble Endeavor

Step into a world of intrigue and danger in A.D. 1307 Kingdom of Bohemia.

Get ready to unravel the mystery surrounding a legendary scholar's shocking death and discover the truth behind the enigmatic woman who seems to be at the center of it all.

Join two treasure hunters on their thrilling journey across the kingdom as they navigate treacherous noble politics, uncover ancient artifacts, and battle against hostile Hungarian soldiers.

With the tension between Bohemia and Hungary at an all-time high, this is the ultimate high-stakes adventure that you won't want to miss.

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