A part of my story

Let me take you on a journey to my birthplace, the mesmerizing Silesian region of the Czech Republic. As I was growing up, I found myself completely captivated by historical fiction stories that came alive on both pages and the silver screen. Eventually, I pursued an English degree in university, which further stoked my passion for the craft. As a teacher by profession, I get to show students the power of the written word. Although I have always found myself gravitating towards the world of storytelling, only recently I have started working on my own books.

Away from the pen and ink, I relish peaceful strolls in nature, exploring new hiking trails, pedalling along on my trusty bicycle, and expanding my horizon in a seemingly never-ending struggle learning new languages. Furthermore, I find history, arts, and traditional architecture simply enthralling.

Additionally, I am brimming with an abundance of movie-related obscure facts, which not many truly appreciate. Of course, this grave error doesn’t stop me from taking to my blog and sharing my thoughts on movies, TV shows, and books.

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